American Council on Education

American Council in Education is a thought leader for executives in higher education, representing over 1700 U.S. universities and colleges.

What We Did

Art Direction
Responsive Design
UX/UI Design
Information Architecture
ACE mobile website design by RocketAir

The Situation

ACE Engage began as a platform where experts in higher education could connect, learn and support each other. RocketAir was introduced to the project at a pivotal point—how to create a network that fostered the sharing of insights and connected educators from around the nation.

ACE website design for course library by RocketAir

ACE responsive website design for education social network by RocketAir

Our Solution

With ACE as our partner, we designed a message board and platform for users to easily share information.

ACE branding and iconography design and art direction by RocketAir
ACE mobile website design and art direction by RocketAir

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