When we get the rare opportunity to build an app from the ground up—we take it. With Flyt, we were presented with an idea and given full reign to bring the concept to life.

What We Did

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
UX/UI Design
App Development
Art Direction
Flyt design case study introduction by RocketAir

The Situation

Flyt was created to give flexibility around saving for trips, by putting away incremental amounts of money towards a travel goal.

Flyt logo design and branding by RocketAir

Taylor Rosenbauer, CEO

Designing a new brand identity and product for Flyt from the ground up was a wonderful opportunity to bring the founder’s vision to life without the burden of legacy design or technology.
Flyt mobile app design and UX UI design by RocketAir

Our Solution

We worked directly with the Flyt team to design an app from scratch, recommend features, user experience and flows that allow a traveler to easily transfer funds and save for their next adventure.

Flyt responsive website design and development by RocketAir
Flyt art direction and branding design by RocketAir

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