We partnered with Onia’s art & design team to bring their vision for a website to life—an e-commerce site that reflected the brand’s high-quality products.

What We Did

Web Design
Responsive Design
Information Architecture
Art Direction
Onia case study on website design by RocketAir

The Situation

Onia’s product team needed a fully responsive website that could keep up with new releases, whether it be a new swimsuit or the perfect tee that reflected the easy-living lifestyle brand. The existing site didn’t allow for seamless updates or products to be showcased side-by-side. We knew we could fix their current issues, and plan for future growth.

Onia mobile website user experience and user interface design by RocketAir

Brian Hoff, Creative Director

We helped Onia build a flexible system that solved for unique product images and that could accommodate future photography challenges, while also improving on their mobile navigation, browsing experience, and checkout flow.
Onia art direction graphic design by RocketAir

Our Solution

First, we dived into the responsive design to give Onia’s customers a better flow for landing on the site to shopping through various categories to a simple check out experience. Second, we designed a system and templates for the team to use for future products. By providing these tools, we enabled the Onia team to update new products to the site as they were ready and creatively feature each addition.

Onia responsive website design by RocketAir
Onia art direction and photography by RocketAir

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