Pai Skincare

We gave The Pai Life a refresh, a blog where Pai Skincare fans could learn more about skincare and wellness tips from their favorite brand.

What We Did

Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Brand Design
Web Design
Pai Skincare logo for design case study by RocketAir

The Situation

Pai Skincare wanted a blog as stunning as their product. The Pai Life struggled to tell their story, organize content and align with the rest of the brand.

Pai Skincare responsive website design for blog by RocketAir

Brian Hoff, Creative Director

Our goal was to help Pai create a blog that felt refreshing and organic. Visuals that matched the same level of care that’s been put into their products.
Pai Skincare blog website design by RocketAir

Our Solution

Beginning with typography, we over-hauled the blog to better reflect Pai Skincare’s visuals and purpose. Using their well-curated instagram account and skincare bottles as inspiration, we set out to refine the color palette, add texture, and patterns to the blog. Most importantly, we integrated a customized Shopify API that allows viewers to shop the products directly from the blog post.

Pai Skincare art direction for blog design by RocketAir
Pai Skincare illustrations and art direction by RocketAir

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