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We design brands, services, products, and what’s next.

About Us

RocketAir is a digital product design and branding agency creating better human experiences through exceptional design. We help transform people’s relationships with technology and propel companies into the future.

What We Do

We’re a creative partner offering only what we do best.

Market research, Competitive analysis, idea validation, user personas are part of RocketAir strategy


We ask the right questions to understand the product you’re building and the people you’re building it for.

Market research
Competitive analysis
Idea validation
User personas
UX research, information architecture, user journeys & flows, UX/UI design - RocketAir


Design can make or break a product. We design thoughtful experiences that are centered around people’s wants and needs.

Art direction
Information architecture
UX/UI design
Motion & interaction design, low & high-fidelity prototypes, usability testing, user experience at RocketAir


We create interactive prototypes for usability testing that informs our data-driven design process—and brings ideas into the hands of real people.

Motion & interaction design
Low & high-fidelity prototypes
Usability testing
User experience validation
iOS, Android, Web and Backend development at RocketAir


Our full-stack development team knows how to code intuitive, native applications for mobile, desktop, and the web.

iOS development
Android development
Web development
Backend development
Brand and marketing expertise at RocketAir - content marketing, social media campaigns and more


We have brand and marketing expertise to successfully take your product to market.

Content marketing
Social media campaigns
Public relations campaigns
App Store optimization
Sprint planning, rapid prototyping, GV design sprints and workshops at RocketAir


By stress-testing your assumptions and exploring multiple design solutions, we reduce the risk in launching a digital product.

Sprint planning
Rapid prototyping
GV design sprints
Training & workshops
How We Work

We operate as an extension of your team for a seamless approach.


We’re not in the business of counting hours and arbitrary deliverables. Our model allows for flexibility and predictable pricing, giving you the ability to shift priorities along with internal timelines.


We work in tandem with your team, allowing us to deliver designs and provide feedback in real time as products are developed.


Throughout our process, we rapidly test our designs with real people to gather insights and iterate ahead of development.


We’re a versatile team of specialized digital product designers with experience across various platforms and industries.

Why We Work

We believe in better human experiences.


Design is your competitive advantage.


Empathy enables meaningful innovation.


Great work happens with great people.


Problem-solving requires diversity of thought.

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