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The challenge

Aumni uses artificial intelligence technology to track and analyze investment data—surfacing insights to help leaders in private capital markets make smarter decisions. As they prepared to scale after raising their Series A, the Aumni team approached RocketAir to create an entirely fresh brand and website from scratch.

Together, we created a dynamic brand system, crafted persuasive positioning, and designed and developed a new marketing website with strong conversion. The result: Aumni doubled the number of page visits per session, and cut the bounce rate in half.


To appeal to a finance and legal audience, we designed a brand that’s sturdy yet elegant. We used the dot of the “i” in our new Aumni logo to introduce a pop of color, and leaned into a secondary color palette to offer flexibility when representing different offerings. The dot then inspired an entire brand system that cleverly evokes data in an approachable way.


We brought the dot motif into art direction, playing with circles of various colors and sizes to create a unique aesthetic. And we designed custom illustrations using circular shapes, which allowed us to visualize concepts without the need for stock photography.


The Aumni website is designed with a goal in mind: driving demo signups. We brought the complex technology to life in a simple, modern way with Lottie animation. We also helped Aumni articulate their value proposition to their target audience—putting that front and center for website visitors and supporting the messaging with compelling proof points. The website was designed to scale, with a robust, easy-to-use CMS system for blog posts and downloadable resources, which has continued to grow.
Aumni experienced significant growth in a short time and we quickly needed to elevate our digital presence. We needed to quickly explain our unique value proposition in a way that attracted our audience of very sophisticated private capital investors. RocketAir met that challenge and exceeded our expectations.