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The challenge

The fintech unicorn BlockFi is currently trusted by more than 1 million people worldwide to manage their crypto portfolios. Back in 2019, RocketAir worked with BlockFi as their very first product design team. Following their Series A, they needed a trusted partner to bring their vision for the future of their digital products to life. Introducing a design-first approach, we overhauled their existing web app while concurrently solving for native iOS and Android—helping BlockFi quickly bring new products and features to market.

As  such an integral part of their team, our designers worked side-by-side with their engineers and executives in the BlockFi office. This highly collaborative partnership set the standard at RocketAir for what it truly looks like to be a client’s “satellite team.”


Prior to developing wireframes, we worked with BlockFi on audience personas to get a strong understanding of their motivations and needs. BlockFi has two distinct audiences: retail consumers and institutional services.

To accompany BlockFi’s bespoke, manual services for institutions, we designed a simplified portal where users can easily view their account dashboard, download statements, and manage permissions.


The retail consumer experience, on the other hand, comprises several complex user flows, supporting withdrawals, deposits, trades, and loans. With the trading flow, for example, we needed to include price refreshes to indicate changes in the market and reinforce that a user needed to sell their existing assets in order to buy crypto. We also considered how to display extra information like the conversion rate and a user’s exchange limit.

Working closely with BlockFi’s engineers, we thought through the UX complexities of applying for a loan using crypto as collateral. We designed a clean dashboard that lets users toggle between a grid and list view to see details on funded loans, applications, and an archive. The loan details are dynamic to the state it’s in, with varying calls to action.


We designed a new home screen that acts as a user’s launchpad to quickly access key information or initiate a transaction directly from the global navigation. This account dashboard streamlined the UX, bringing all of BlockFi’s financial products together in one place, while establishing a clear hierarchy system for all account data.

We also introduced market prices coupled with the call to action to trade, creating both a sense of urgency and a feeling of being informed.


Simultaneously, we helped BlockFi define their brand identity by exploring how it translates to the design of the product. We conducted stakeholder interviews and a competitive analysis to inform our work. Through this brand exploration, we guided BlockFi in arriving at a minimalist aesthetic. With this utilitarian approach to the UI, our team delivered a comprehensive design system, complete with light and dark mode components.
We’re innovating at the intersection of finance and cryptocurrency. We needed a design partner who could understand both disciplines, then produce compelling work at speed. RocketAir is that partner. For our new brand and products, RocketAir worked seamlessly with our technical team to combine deep functionality with thoughtful design.