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The challenge

Cambrian Biopharma is a Distributed Development Company (DisCo) that’s partnering with research teams to develop a pipeline of therapeutics, each targeting a biological driver of aging. Ahead of their $100M Series C fundraising round, the Cambrian team needed a brand that could establish credibility in the biotech sector and keep up with their rapid pace of growth. And with an ambitious goal of extending healthspan, they needed a design partner to help bring that vision to life.

We were tasked with rebranding Cambrian from the ground up—creating a unique identity imbued with meaning and a brand system that could scale as the company evolved.


We took inspiration from the Cambrian Period, known for its  unparalleled innovation in the evolution of animals. The Cambrian brand identity brings an organic feeling, coupled with scientific-rigor. It’s grounded in the prehistoric age, but also stands the test of time.


After auditing Cambrian’s existing brand, we set out to design a logomark  that could live separately from the wordmark, allowing it to develop the brand’s visual language. Rooted in the concept of the tree of life, the logomark evokes movement with concentric C-curves. The wordmark is sophisticated and clever, with rounded edges to convey fluidity.


The color palette is inspired by the evolutionary migration from water to land. We wanted a more natural aesthetic with a range of shades to allow for more depth and contrast.

The primary brand font is Brown, a geometric san-serif. Paired with Tiempos Text, we gave the brand a more modern look with a scholarly vibe.


Using the circular shapes from the logo as a visual motif, we abstracted the complexity of aging into something simple and mesmerizing. We created patterns by replicating and transforming the grouping of three rings. And we used nature and science photography to intentionally create contrast—juxtaposing Earth-like textures with microscopic elements.


We designed and developed a new marketing website: The site showcases a beautiful application of the brand system and highlights the people behind the company—humanizing the achievements, mission, and progress of its scientists and affiliate companies.


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