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The challenge

Commvault has been the leader in data backup and recovery for decades. In 2019, they came to RocketAir with an ambitious goal: create a fresh, energetic brand that resonates with a digital-savvy audience and is unlike anything else in the industry. We became their creative agency of record—continuously pushing the brand forward year after year.


Who says B2B has to feel “B2B”? Not us. Against a backdrop of sterile competitors, we saw a major opportunity for Commvault to stand out. Overhauling everything from the color palette, icons, and typography to voice and tone, we created a brand that’s unabashedly bold and unmistakably human. And for a large, global company like Commvault, we knew scalability was crucial. So we created a brand system that could be effectively adopted internally and effortlessly deployed across partners around the world


Commvault is all about “intelligent data management.” We took on the challenge of abstractly visualizing data by creating a “hex in motion” pattern inspired by Commvault’s existing logo. Adding movement and depth to the brand, the pattern represents both the dynamic nature of data and how Commvault helps customers move their business forward.


Several products stack under the Commvault Command Center. We created an entirely new sub-brand system, giving each product a distinct identity that ladders up to the primary brand—making them immediately identifiable yet still clearly part of the same family.


We needed to articulate massively complex products in an easily digestible way. Enter: isometric illustrations. These skewed perspective visualizations gave customers a “peek under the hood” of each product and elegantly demystified the technology.


We designed a new that’s hyper-focused on the customer. Taking a narrative approach, we extended Commvault’s “be ready” tagline throughout the site. We combined clever copywriting with proof points, to tell a cohesive, compelling story from the customer perspective that positioned them as the hero—thanks to Commvault.