Transforming complex technology into meaningful design

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Digital Product Strategy
Product Design
Rapid Prototyping
Microinteraction Animation

The challenge

The FocusVision team came to us to redesign their leading product, Video Insights. The powerful platform uses machine-generated transcription and natural language processing to quickly turn hundreds of hours of video footage into a highlight reel of key moments. It’s incredibly smart engineering—that needed beautifully intuitive design.Working hand-in-hand with FocusVision’s engineers to vet the feasibility of every design solution, RocketAir transformed a complicated product into a simple, frictionless experience. And with dynamic microinteractions, we made video editing fun—not just a job.


We took an app-like approach to designing a modern B2B web interface. From the personalized welcome message to uniquely designed project cover art to minimalist typography, the product feels more like the B2C apps FocusVision’s users enjoy.


To help navigate the robust experience, we created layers of microinteractions that ask users to do one thing at a time. This included built-in e-commerce upsell functionality that allows users to order human transcripts for video clips to make the natural language processing even more accurate. To get stakeholder buy-in around what we were building, we also created hi-fidelity prototypes every step of the way to fully demonstrate UX flows.


We explored innovative UX patterns to make rich feature sets easy to understand. Because FocusVision makes it possible to edit video footage through text manipulation in the transcript, we asked ourselves: What if a user could simply highlight the text, strike it out, and easily delete that portion of the video clip? After vetting our solution with the engineering team, we brought this first-of-its kind interaction into reality.


We designed an immersive theater mode watch experience akin to a streaming platform users would find familiar—complete with contextual, in-the-moment interactions and a full-screen layout. We also tested the interface with a variety of video footage to make sure it consistently met accessibility standards.


Turning Video Insights into a collaborative experience, we designed a UX that makes it possible for users to connect around rich functionality. With features like commenting and tagging, we helped multiple researchers and teams come together in one interface.


Taking a design system approach, we standardized all of the components that make up the interface. We outlined every single state and interaction so that nothing was left up to guesswork by engineers as they implemented the design. We didn’t just create a design system for this product, but one that could expand across many more—setting the visual tone for the future of FocusVision’s product line.