Enriching a premium cocoa brand rooted in nature

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The challenge

What if an ethically-sourced cocoa brand felt like a high-end fashion brand?

Inaru offers premium cocoa products from the Dominican Republic through a vertically-integrated model that rewards everyone involved along the supply chain. As the team prepared for fundraising, they needed a brand that would resonate with people who won’t compromise on quality products or ethical production. Positioning nature as the ultimate luxury, RocketAir designed a brand that honors cocoa bean farmers and celebrates the perfections of nature.


Inaru’s visual identity is grounded in the landscape of the Dominican Republic, evoking a sense of movement and curves found in nature. We designed a logomark that’s an abstract and minimalistic representation of crop fields, water, and the flourish of movement. It complements Inaru’s existing wordmark, and nicely lends itself to an imprint directly on the chocolate products themselves.


We designed a typographic style that elegantly complements the high-end, premium feeling of the logo. To reflect the rich diversity of the Dominican Republic landscape, we created a color palette that’s distinctly non-digital and features hues found in nature.


The four quadrants of the logo make it inherently versatile in art direction. We deconstructed the logo to create supplementary graphical elements, and interjected photography that’s rich in color and resources to drive impact and tell a story.


Through the design and development of the website, we brought the brand to life in an immersive, story-driven way. We wanted a luxurious feel to shine through the page, with special attention to the art-directed photography and logo pattern throughout.


Alongside brand guidelines, we created an Inaru wordbook. We elevated their existing messaging framework and tailored it to each audience segment—providing a comprehensive playbook for how Inaru speaks to producers, buyers, and consumers.