Making a timeless brand for a made man

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The challenge

In 2019, serial entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner spotted an opportunity to reach an untapped market segment in the cosmetics industry: men. MadeMan was founded to give an underserved demographic a simple way to take care of their skin, and ultimately look and feel their best every day. Ahead of their Seed round, the MadeMan team approached RocketAir with an exciting task: create a category-defining men’s skincare brand. 

Targeting middle-to-upper class men aged 16 to 60, the brand needed to be aspirational yet attainable. It needed to stand out from its bigger-brand neighbors on a shelf. But it also needed to be something customers would be proud to leave out on their countertops.


Drawing from the Mafia-inspired name, we created a brand identity centered around the concept of being a “made man.” Moodboards referencing whiskey bottles, tattoos, and old school barber shops visualized a type of person and lifestyle our target audience wanted: rugged by day and dapper by night. The brand features a simple yet strong aesthetic, clean lines, and a glimpse of color. It’s classic and refined, standing the test of time.


We created a logo that’s edgy yet refined—and unlike anything else in the men’s skincare category. The “M” is inspired by roman numerals and resembles a monogram, evoking a feeling of masculine elegance.


The primary neoclassical sans serif typeface, Boutique Light, echoes the logo with its dramatic stroke contrast and geometric touch. We paired it with Maison Neue, a “man’s-kind-of-man” typeface that’s utilitarian and optically-balanced with distinct rhythm and flow.


We created harmony with the wordmark by using the same diagonal cut as a defining layout structure in art direction. The core grayscale color palette is accented sparingly by a range of earth tones like Cypress and Rust. MadeMan’s photography style is warmly lit, naturally-toned, vintage-washed, diverse, and friendly-yet-edgy.
“It's been nearly three years since we partnered with RocketAir around the time of our formation. We've worked with countless agencies since, and our experience with this team was easily the best. The fact that we still use all of the assets they created for us, including our logo, is a testament to the fabulous quality of their work. I couldn't recommend them enough.”