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The challenge

NewLimit is a biotechnology company focused on treating age-related disease to extend human healthspan. When founders Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) and Blake Byers (former General Partner at GV) were preparing to launch their new venture, they needed a trusted design partner to establish a brand and website that would attract top-tier talent. Based on our previous work in the biotech space, they sought out our team at RocketAir.


We designed with our core audience in mind—scientists who want to work with serious organizations, those that combine true science with bold conviction. NewLimit needed a brand identity that lives up to the grand vision of delaying aging—while also making that future feel within reach. We designed for 2040, not 2100. NewLimit’s brand identity conveys a sense of tangible, incremental progress. It’s timeless, but imbued with meaning.


We designed an ultrasimple but powerful logomark that gives a nod to NewLimit’s mission of extending human healthspan. Based on a mortality graph, the first two bars represent past and current life expectancies; whereas the horizontal bar is NewLimit, advancing humanity's ability to defy aging and unlocking our true potential.


NewLimit's voice is clear, concise, and energizing. By using a single weight of Sequel Sans, a neo-grotesque typeface, we prioritized simplicity and consistency. We chose colors of the unknown, of exploration and the future. NewLimit is unlocking the next chapter of human evolution, and the expansive palette reflects that.


We intentionally designed a logomark that can adapt in art direction. We used the arches and extended horizontal line to create patterns. And we masked imagery relating to specific areas of focus—like eye health—in the top half of the circle to create an intriguing play on the logo and meaningfully communicate what NewLimit does.


We helped NewLimit define a strong and memorable voice that supports the brand identity. Our messaging framework clearly and persuasively communicates NewLimit’s value propositions—built on the pillars of Radical Ambition, Respect for Human Life, and Definite Optimism. We defined a brand ethos that generally captures the imagination of all people, while also speaking directly to the scientific, medical, AI, ML, and biotech communities.


Using Webflow, we designed and developed a website that inspires visitors to take notice and dive deeper—with modern interactions for dynamic storytelling and a home scrolling experience that brings understanding to the logo.