Lending brand infrastructure to a fintech game-changer

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The challenge

OatFi is the first fintech lender to break into the world of B2B payments. Aiming to solve cash flow problems at scale, OatFi offers an easy-to-integrate API infrastructure that allows B2B payments platforms to simply embed working capital tools into any payment flow for their end users. As they exited stealth mode, the startup needed a design partner to help them stand apart from the outdated lenders that have been operating in the space for years. We partnered with OatFi to launch an elevated brand that’s as exciting as their game-changing product and a website that drives interest from new platform partners.


We evolved OatFi’s existing logo, setting the wordmark entirely in lowercase to evoke a sense of approachability and modernity. The “o” has been dissected into two brackets to form The Parenthesis—a distinguishable mark that’s also flexible, communicating the end-to-end support OatFi provides to empower customers to do what they do best.


Positioning OatFi as the industry provocateur, we established a color palette that’s modern, sleek, and dynamic. The brand’s legacy purple is relegated to a tertiary color, alongside complementary neons—which vibrantly stand out against the primary black and white.


To convey the fact that OatFi’s API can seamlessly integrate with any partner, we designed a brand that’s thoughtfully modular and “felt, not seen.” The Parenthesis can be broken down into graphical elements to create new shapes and patterns for use in art direction. Our photography selection is composed of aerial shots related to a range of different types of businesses—representing the fact that OatFi’s product is industry agnostic.


OatFi needed a simple website that clearly and concisely explains what the product is, why it’s different, and how it works—with the goal of driving inquiries from new partners. Balancing natural language with bold visuals, and using microinteractions purposefully to help communicate, we created a compelling experience that effectively demonstrates the value OatFi brings as “the complete working capital infrastructure for B2B payments.”


We put together a marketing kit with a variety of assets that bring the new brand to life. Taking a component-based approach, we gave the OatFi team the tools to build new presentation decks, email templates, and other materials they might need as they grow.
The challenges OatFi faced were two-fold: demonstrating our credibility as an early-stage company and ensuring we have the best client success team in the industry. RocketAir’s design team created a compelling website and built out a client success playbook, both of which help us stand out among the competition. They were able to take complex technical concepts and distill them down to the core value propositions that will contribute to OatFi’s explosive growth.