Making online shopping a more sustainable experience

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The challenge

As online shopping habits have risen, so have the pile-ups of wasteful packaging. Founded by the co-founder of Jet.com, Olive partners with popular e-commerce brands to save the planet from an excess of cardboard and plastic. By shopping with Olive, people can replace standard packaging with reusable, returnable totes, and streamline multiple orders from different retailers  into a single, scheduled delivery.

To bring this revolutionary concept to market, the Olive team worked with RocketAir to launch a bold brand that compellingly communicates with retailers and consumers alike.

And we solved for an entirely new omnichannel UX with the design of Olive’s native iOS app, web app, and Chrome plugin—introducing the world to a less stressful, more ecofriendly online shopping experience.


We began by understanding what mattered most to Olive’s target audience. Using a draft brand manifesto as a prototype, we conducted user interviews to test various value propositions—from being eco-friendly and providing UV-sanitized packaging to offering one-click integration with e-commerce partners and standardizing free shipping across retailers. The insights we uncovered informed the creation of a brand that truly resonates.


With a strong name like “Olive,” we wanted it to be the cornerstone of the brand. We designed an approachable, inviting wordmark that’s bold enough to stand on its own without a logomark. We used subtle curves to evoke movement, wide proportions for a friendly personality, and a balanced mix of sharp and rounded stroke endings.


We created a minimalist typography system that complements the wordmark, along with iconography that matches its boldness. Olive’s icons are both practical and expressive, with harmony between the green and blue from the color palette and rounded shapes that align with the wordmark.


We extended their “waste-free” mission to Olive’s brand voice, which is practical, joyous, and uncluttered. To show what this sounds like in action, we created a messaging framework with company definitions, value propositions, and tone guidelines tailored to each audience segment.


Our product design needed to help convince people of this new and better way to shop online. We went with a minimalist, utilitarian aesthetic to communicate the simplicity of shopping with Olive. And to ensure that we were designing an effortless user experience, we prototyped competing design solutions that we could test and validate with users.


We standardized all of the components for both mobile and desktop into a cohesive design system. This served as a single source of truth for our design team and Olive’s engineers, and could help maintain consistency and scalability when new features were added post-MVP.


We were Olive’s design partner across every touchpoint—from billboard mockups to email templates—providing a comprehensive suite of creative to support a successful launch.