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Conceiving a visual identity for ovarian longevity

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The challenge

Led by acclaimed scientist Daisy Robinton, PhD, Oviva Therapeutics aims to extend healthspan by targeting ovarian function and longevity. Age-related decline in ovarian health is a vast unmet need, and the Oviva team needed a brand identity that lived up to their mission and stood out in the biotech industry.


The Oviva logo is inspired by the ovarian reserve. We used four circles for balance and knocked out the center of one of the circles to emphasize the idea of restoring something that’s lost. We designed the logomark and wordmark to sit separately or together, with the empty circle becoming the “O”in Oviva.


We created a color palette that’s full of life. In contrast to other, more clinical biotech brands, we chose colors that bring a sense of warmth and empathy to the Oviva brand, and make the scientific subject matter more approachable.


We led with Tiempos Text, giving a scholarly aesthetic to headlines. Knowing that Oviva had a lot to say and many details to get into, we wanted to make sure to maintain  readability in paragraphs. So we selected a more minimalist secondary font, the sans serif Brown LL.


Oviva needed to visualize complex concepts in a digestible way. We designed a unique illustration style that strikes a balance between being abstract while also scientifically accurate. We were intentional in the application of the color palette, using blue to be more objective and rose to illuminate “aha” moments. We developed an entire illustration system that can be applied across diagrams, infographics, and decorative brand elements.