Creating a path forward for the leader in door hardware and security

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The challenge

For decades, Security Lock Distributors had been the nation’s leader in electrical and mechanical door hardware. But to stay on top, they needed to move forward. 

We teamed up on an ambitious transformation: creating an entirely new brand and e-commerce experience that would solidify their status in a rapidly changing industry. 

It started with customer connection. Customers had been calling the company “SECLOCK” for years—now it was time to make it official. A new name needed a new brand identity to match. One that was future-proof but still resonated deeply with a loyal customer base. We took an “honest design” approach. Not too trendy, not too serious—just the right amount of modern to keep SECLOCK ahead of the curve. 

Our next challenge was to deliver a best-in-class B2B e-commerce experience. It needed to position SECLOCK as a technology-enabled company. And just like SECLOCK, it needed to quickly connect customers to the right solutions.


Our big idea: The Path. Subtly taking the “S” in SECLOCK, we designed a logomark that abstractly represents a keyhole, without being too on-the-nose. And we used the short, curved line to convey the efficiency and movement of a distribution leader. The result is a brand identity that elegantly represents all the ways SECLOCK makes customers’ work lives easier.


We created a bold, contemporary color palette that celebrates the brand’s heritage. It’s flexible and digital-friendly, and the SECLOCK Red makes an instantly recognizable statement. The typography system ladders up to the clean, contemporary wordmark. Going for a timeless feel, we chose a sans serif inspired by lettering on West Berlin street signs.


We completely redesigned SECLOCK’s marketing website to introduce the new brand. Alongside a comprehensive launch campaign, our messaging strategy guided customers on a journey toward getting to know SECLOCK as a leader, helper, and innovator. Leveraging the customer’s perspective, we built an emotional connection hinged on the concept of “the path we’re on.”


Our work on the e-commerce experience was heavily researched and backed by our deep expertise in designing for a B2B audience. The first step was a full overhaul of the information architecture. On the critically important product-detail page, we went through the exercise of understanding what information is most important to the user and then ordering the metadata accordingly.

Our strategy was to funnel users into an active search experience right from the homepage, with smart search interactions like predictive search and filtering mechanisms. We also introduced contextual tutorials for each feature to seamlessly ease first-time users into the site's rich functionality by introducing them to one thing at a time, in the moment.


To fuel their multi-channel marketing efforts, we applied the new SECLOCK brand across a range of collateral—from box-stuffers and magazine ads to digital ads and email templates. We were SECLOCK’s partner in moving their marketing efforts forward, while maintaining strong, systematic, and scalable brand design.