Giving a men’s cosmetics brand an e-commerce makeover

Art + Photography Direction
Website Copywriting
Campaign Creative
Digital Product Strategy
Product Design

The challenge

Stryx is a cosmetics brand that offers products aimed to help men perfect their skin. The team approached RocketAir to makeover their e-commerce experience. Because Stryx didn’t have a fully fleshed out brand, we also helped define their messaging and identity through the website design. Taking into account that men’s cosmetics is a relatively new category, we took a value-driven approach and designed an experience that’s centered around helping this audience solve their pain points in order to be at their most confident and handsome.


We translated the unique attributes of the existing Stryx wordmark into a complete visual system for the website. Drawing from the sans serif font, we introduced chunky typography to make a bold first impression. And we used the diagonal cut in art direction to create an ownable visual motif.


We designed an immersive product browsing experience and brought in high-performing UX tactics—reducing clicks and ensuring speed to checkout. We added a featured product directly in the global navigation and created a side cart menu so users wouldn’t lose their place when browsing. We also introduced a subscription feature to upsell recurring replenishment.

We designed a user experience centered around the problems men face. The key insight from our user research was that men shopping for cosmetic products typically don’t know what they’re looking for. So rather than assuming a user would go to the top navigation bar and select a concealer, we started with the problem they’re wanting to solve and designed a user flow focused on the value proposition. The custom product bundle flow asks users what’s bothering them, presents a multi-select state, and then recommends products specifically for their needs.


We thought deeply about how to speak to the Stryx audience in the context of a shopping experience they might not be very familiar with. We led with clever, confident copy across the entire site, from the homepage to every product detail page.

For Stryx’s signature Bronzing Gel, created in collaboration with Tom Sandoval, we art directed a marketing campaign—and then brought it to the e-commerce experience with a unique landing page, using an eye-catching dark mode variation of the product detail page template.