Surf Internet

Modernizing a legacy telecom brand for a bright future

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity + Messaging
User Research
Website Design + Copywriting
Sound Design

The challenge

While rural communities are chronically underserved by major telecom players, focus is shifting to these areas, and small pop-ups and major players are racing to lay fiber internet throughout rural regions. With significant investment and a strong legacy in the market, Surf Broadband was well positioned to succeed—but their brand wasn’t built for scale.

With ambitious plans for growth driven by fiber for the home, Surf came to RocketAir to evolve their outdated brand, modernize their website for customer acquisition, and emerge as a new company that’s deeply relevant to their audience.


We started by interviewing internal stakeholders to understand their vision for the brand, then conducted competitive analysis to identify white space and built distinct audience profiles. From our research, we uncovered a unique opportunity to differentiate Surf by establishing a  high-tech, sophisticated aesthetic while also emphasizing local, friendly service and community focus. Ultimately, our brand strategy hinged on positioning Surf as “a modern essential gateway to connectivity, illuminating communities across the Great Lakes Region by providing premium internet service with profound integrity.”


Led by this strategy, we designed a new identity for the newly renamed Surf Internet. Aligned with the vision for the brand refresh, we proposed this new name that’s more  modern, clear, and customer-focused. It’s also scalable for the future,  balancing the existing wireless business with a forward-looking focus on fiber-optic efforts.

Elevating the familiar, we updated the  legacy color palette to  lend a more contemporary and dynamic look. Inspired by much more than a wireless connection, the mark inserted in the logo evokes light in the way it bends and represents both stability and growth. That same logomark can expand to become a malleable shape as a graphic or photo mask. Turned upside down, it becomes a smile that can be used to convey brand personality. We also created an animated logo with sound design to give Surf a custom mnemonic.


To support the  brand identity, we defined a brand voice that’s clear and trustworthy, with the primary focus being ease for customers. And in a comprehensive playbook, we unified core messaging components to help Surf consistently and persuasively communicate value propositions to each audience segment: residents, municipalities, and businesses.


We brought the new brand to life through a marketing website that’s optimized for conversion and streamlines the experience of fiber-optic internet plan selection. Following an audit of user flows, we conducted user interviews with real customers to unearth insights and validate assumptions as we moved into the website content strategy. Takeaways from the research study reinforced the importance of providing clear communication throughout the installation process and opportunities to emphasize reliability, transparency, and longtime dedication to local communities.

Our strategy for the website homepage centered around driving interest in fiber by previewing top-level benefits, differentiating Surf with a  “price-lock guarantee,” and helping users quickly determine if service is available to them. Weaving in features like hover-states with definitions for little-known technical terms, we delivered a digital experience that’s thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind.
We partnered with RocketAir on a future-focused brand to support our growth goals, and it was clear from the start they were truly invested in our success. They didn’t just deliver thoughtful, beautiful work; they also gave us strategic advice on the brand roll-out itself. They took the time to understand our business, while also getting to know us on a personal level. From the care they brought to the project to the transparent and collaborative working style, RocketAir really felt like an extension of our team.