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The logo is based on simple, echoing shapes. We designed it to be polymorphic, able to adapt to its surroundings in art direction, and balanced—with the bottom of the “Y” serving as the unit of measurement that separates the wordmark from the badge it sits within.

The lowercase “e” gives the logo a sense of friendliness, while the uppercase “Y” brings energy.  Imbued with layers of symbolism, the “Y” from the wordmark  resembles several meaningful items: European electrical outlets, windmills, and celebratory hands in the air.


The “arms” from the logo can be manipulated and deconstructed to create dynamic patterns. We used these to develop particle systems that represent the way VYVE tracks carbon footprint data, while also creating imagery like a field of grass and flowing water.


Paired with the Sul Sans font family,  we used the “Y” from the wordmark to design a library of industry words that VYVE could use to inspire brand association.

We created a high-energy color palette that can be deployed across all digital instances, pairing bright hues with dark, neutral tones to emphasize their vibrancy.


This was true MVP product design. We homed in on a core user flow of adding a new trip, inputting information about the location and transportation method, and then contributing the equivalent cost of the emissions toward an offsetting project of their choice.

We took a minimalist approach, focusing on modern interactions and leveraging native iOS patterns like half-screen modals. And we wove in the brand throughout the app, injecting the primary colors to the UI and using custom iconography that aligns with the logo.

To ensure pixel-perfect implementation of our designs, we delivered a scalable design system complete with the  typography system, button styles, and icons.
I’ve worked in branding for almost 20 years but have never worked so fast, transparently, and collaboratively in building a brand as we did with RocketAir. Normally you work with a black box agency, cross your fingers they’ve understood everything, and pray. But with RocketAir, we met each day for a couple of sprints and ended up with something we loved that we could test directly with our users.