Shaping a unique brand to pave the way for a fintech unicorn

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The challenge

Wayflyer is a fintech startup offering revenue-based financing to e-commerce companies, providing access to the capital they need to scale. Through RocketAir’s partnership with QED Investors, we worked with the Wayflyer team to launch an entirely new brand as they prepared to raise their Series A. Today, Wayflyer is a unicorn valued at $1.6 billion.


With a name like Wayflyer, the logo needed to be playful—while also evoking the credibility required from a financial services brand. We designed an energetic logomark that’s grounded by a more traditional wordmark. The mark conveys a sense of speed and motion, growing out of a “w” shape. We created something that feels boutique and stands out anywhere the brand lives—whether on a credit card or a billboard in Time Square.


The logo design inspired an entire brand system. We took the lines from the logomark and produced nine different shapes for use as graphical elements to create interesting compositions.

We also used basic shapes as symbols for Wayflyer’s value propositions. And we introduced a color system that’s fun and flexible, akin to the entrepreneurial spirit of their audience.


We designed and coded a modern website that’s uniquely art directed—weaving in the shape elements to create something that’s distinctly Wayflyer branded. We used photography that’s warm and human, focusing on candid imagery of business owners and the products they sell.