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The challenge

The Westminster Group Plc is a global safety and security organization providing technology solutions, managed services, and equipment in three key markets: land, sea, and air. At the time, the business was split across multiple companies, each with their own website—leading to missed opportunities to sell across the business and requiring content duplication across multiple domains. As the company moved toward changing their customer-facing brand to the Westminster Group umbrella, they needed a design partner to unify all of their offerings in a modern digital experience.


Westminster was looking for a modern aesthetic, but didn’t want to drift too far away from their established corporate look. We began our design exploration with a makeover of their existing logo—maintaining the serious vibe, while introducing a simple, fresh identity.


Although the original client request was a light redesign, it quickly became evident that Westminster needed a full re-architecture to bring all three verticals together in a unified hub. It wasn’t a simple task: these were distinct offerings with different audiences.

Following a UX audit of their current web presence, we wireframed a new centralized site that seamlessly consolidated Westminster’s vertical-specific domains. Our solution was to turn the homepage into a “choose-your-own-adventure”-type  experience branching off into three separate user flows: land, sea, and air. This approach was such a success that it later inspired Westminster’s creative strategy for a television ad campaign.


We took a similar approach with the user interface—bringing  intentional design that’s future-forward in the industry, but not overdone. We created a consistent visual language across the entire site, with a refreshed color palette, typography system, and button styles. We also introduced microinteractions to make the user experience more memorable than a standard corporate website.


To give Westminster the building blocks to maintain a cohesive digital experience, we created an extensive design system—including light and dark mode versions of every component. For a seamless development hand-off, we also coded all of the components.


In a series of strategy sessions with the Westminster team at their UK headquarters, we mapped out product groupings, filtering, and hierarchy for the newly unified e-commerce experience—breaking down the silos between land, sea, and air. We also introduced a new feature to solve for an existing UX issue: With an inquiry form builder, a customer no longer needed to submit individual inquiries when interested in multiple products.
We tracked down RocketAir after being impressed by their work elsewhere. Having worked with many design agencies in the past, I am convinced they are in the top 1% of their field. RocketAir delivers much more than just outstanding aesthetic design—they put deep emphasis on user experience. They helped us rework our large catalogue of products and solutions into a much better structure for our customers. I recommend RocketAir to any business with a goal to deliver a world-class website.