Why we build websites with Webflow

By RocketAir Crew
November 21, 2022

Collaboration breeds the best creative. It’s a premise that’s ingrained in our Orbital Design approach, which is a framework for operating as an extension of each client’s team that facilitates efficient iteration and nimble ways of working. As such, it’s no surprise that Webflow has long been our go-to platform for creating exceptional websites. Here, we cover some of the top benefits Webflow offers our clients and how we think about them at RocketAir.

Teamwork makes the dream work (faster)

Building a website is not a one-person endeavor. At RocketAir, a typical team working on a website launch includes a Strategist, Copywriter, Designer, Developer, and Producer. Webflow is where we bring it all together, with several features that foster collaboration, including the newly announced page branching feature, which allows multiple teammates to work inside Webflow’s Designer at the same time for a more efficient workflow.

“Being able to work with several people at the same time is especially practical on projects with short deadlines,” says Thierry Rolin, Designer/Developer at RocketAir. This capacity for collaboration means that we can efficiently design and iterate as we move websites forward. 

Empowering clients to easily update content

That collaboration extends to the Webflow Editor, which is a user-friendly way to update the CMS without needing to go into the complex Designer tool. One of the biggest requirements we hear from clients is the ability for their team to easily make updates to content without having to rely on a developer. Webflow delivers on that, without a messy, frustrating backend.

Closing the gap between design and development

Webflow also makes seamless designer-developer collaboration possible. The line between the two is intentionally blurred at RocketAir. We believe in creative development—not simply translating design into a website, but identifying opportunities for better web-based experiences and using the power of the Webflow platform to do things like scroll-based animations. 

Says Taylor Rosenbauer, CEO of RocketAir:

It's critical that development is part of design, and design is part of development.

Webflow helps break down the barrier, allowing us to create fully customized, pixel-perfect websites from the ground up and eliminating the gap between hi-res designs and the end result.

Rapidly prototyping, testing, iterating

We’ve also seen Webflow’s no-code environment be a game-changer for user interviews. As a data-driven design team, we often work with clients to prototype ideas, put them in front of real users and customers, and use that feedback to validate value propositions or product market fit. 

With Webflow, we can go from design to development faster than ever before. That means we can easily prototype ideas directly in the platform rather than relying on static mockups, and quickly deploy page variations for A/B testing. The best part is that we can create truly realistic, live browsing experiences. These aren’t simulations, they’re the real thing—because we don’t have to “fake” anything in user testing, our clients get even more accurate data and insights.

Scaling as you grow

As advocates for design systems, we love Webflow’s Components (formerly Symbols) feature, which turns any generic element (e.g. buttons, footers, forms) into a reusable component. When one is updated in a single place, that change is applied across the site everywhere they appear. 

Says Rolin: “This is a huge time saver for the team because, as we know, design is fluid. When changes are made in the middle of development, we’re able to deploy them in no time.”

For clients, this means that they’re left with a site that they can not only easily update on their own, but also efficiently scale in the future, adding new sections and pages as needed. 

Moreover, with Webflow Enterprise, the platform itself can scale up as companies grow, offering greater functionality, storage, security, and support. 

At RocketAir, clients come to us for high-performing, easy-to-use, scalable websites with high-end design, compelling copy, and delightful interactions. Webflow helps us deliver.

Fuel for thought

  • How quickly or easily can your team make updates to your website?
  • Does your website have a cohesive, scalable design system?
  • What tools do you currently use to prototype digital experiences for user research?