RocketAir celebrates second annual Volunteer Day

April 27, 2022

April 22 marked RocketAir's second annual Volunteer Day, an opportunity that gives all team members a day off to volunteer for the non-profit organization of their choice.

Last year, the company hosted a virtual pro bono effort to create a social campaign for Kids Save Ocean, a non-profit that elevates children’s voices in the fight against climate change. With Volunteer Day falling on Earth Day this year, many team members once again chose to donate their time to helping the environment.

Our team in Ottawa came together for a local clean-up effort, team members in Brooklyn helped the farmers at the Wyckoff House Museum, and our Portland crew did some gardening with Seeds of Hope, which works to reduce food insecurity. Texas-based Brand Designer Mario Ortega volunteered with Livelihood to plant 20 trees in a local park, and New York-based Producer Nate Mars helped clean up a trail in the Catskills.

Other team members spent time with organizations close to their hearts. Creative Director Brian Hoff volunteered with a local animal shelter that recently lost its funding, and Executive Assistant Bailey Chambers joined Fleece & Thank You to help comfort kids in the hospital.

Says Danielle Solis, RocketAir's Managing Director, "We believe in being good humans, and we know our Crew cares about so many important causes. Volunteer Day is a tradition that encourages everyone to take action on an issue they feel personally passionate about. As RocketAir continues to grow, it’s incredible to see the expansion of our collective impact.”

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