RocketAir launches new website, introduces Orbital Design

April 11, 2022

Today, we launched the new 

After three years of rapid growth for the company, we underwent a brand evolution to fully reflect just how much we’ve changed over that time—from our team to our capabilities.

Says Taylor Rosenbauer, founder and CEO of RocketAir: "When we launched our previous website in early 2019, we were a very different company. Since then, we’ve tripled the size of our team, expanded our capabilities, and built out an integrated strategy offering. As the company has matured, we’ve refined not just our look, but also what we have to say. This new site is an articulation of who we are today—and where we’re going in the future."

A centerpiece of the site is Orbital Design: our recently defined, adaptive approach to problem solving that revolves around our clients, their business, their audience, and their goals. Leading with strategy and comprising cycles of iteration, Orbital Design is how we create brands that people remember and products that people love.

The concept of Orbital Design is referenced in a Sun motif that recurs across the site. This, combined with physics-inspired illustrations, badges that resemble space mission patches, and “horizon line” typography layouts create a subtle but distinct astronomical aesthetic.

Says Rosenbauer: "We wanted to bring a retro futuristic vibe to the new site, mixing Swiss minimalism and vintage NASA designs with modern animation and accents of neon. We’ve intentionally used a sparse color palette and simplified typography to create a visual identity that plays well with others—reflecting the way we adaptively partner with our clients."

RocketAir’s robust, relaunched website is filled with entirely new content, including more than a dozen never-before published case studies across key verticals: biotech, e-commerce, education, financial services, industrial supplies, and SaaS. The site also highlights our new leadership team, which is now majority women-led. And for the first time, we’re communicating RocketAir’s mission, company culture, and guiding principles.

There’s even more to come soon. Watch this space. 

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you think at

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