What it means to Win by Design

By RocketAir Crew
April 11, 2022

Design isn’t art, it’s how you win in business

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons—from overhauling their digital products to creating new brands from scratch. But every single client we partner with is ultimately looking for the same things: To connect with their target audience. To stand out from the competition. To earn a place in their customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets. 

At its core, design is all about solving problems: relieving consumer pain points, growing brand awareness, meeting business objectives, raising funds, whatever it may be. And this is precisely why we believe at RocketAir that great design can be a competitive advantage. 

Or, as we like to say, Win by Design.

Designing with heart and humanity

We’re convinced that the companies that will dominate their competition and lead the future are the ones creating brands and products with heart and humanity. 

In practice, this means:

Revolving around people

It all starts with putting people first. This requires understanding an audience at a deep level—really talking to them and listening to them about their needs, desires, and pain points. With empathy and insights, we’re able to pinpoint the problems our clients and their customers actually care about, and design the right solutions that will resonate. 

Bringing value

Looking at the evolution of digital experiences, there’s a growing trend: people aren’t just more “sophisticated” today, preferring nicer-looking interfaces, they’re more cynical. Between gamification hacks and privacy concerns, they’re aware of how manipulative technology can be—and they feel it. So instead of asking “what can we get people to do,” we’re focused on “what can we do for people.” Bringing value to your customers brings value to your business—the divide between commercial and user interests is dissolving.

Surprising and delighting

This is more than just the last mile. Creating those little moments of unexpected joy and personality to a digital experience is what makes the difference between like and love. The brands and products that reveal their humanity are the ones people remember.

Learn more about our Orbital Design approach, and check out how RocketAir is helping clients win.