RocketAir unveils brand manifesto

January 26, 2023

Today, RocketAir shared our brand manifesto, which articulates our design philosophy, approach to working with clients, and reason for being:

This crew is here to win.

By design. Of things that make someone go: “this was made for me.” Of business solutions with smarts, not just looks. Of digital experiences that actually make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Design is magic. Our superpower is creating meaning from complexity. Taking: data, insight, intelligence. And mixing: creativity, imagination, intuition. Bringing into existence: brands that earn hearts and products that feel human.

Design is messy. Not linear. No one way of doing things. We stay humble, curious, and open to diverse perspectives. We start with questions. And use strategy to guide our journey of experimenting and iterating. And iterating. And iterating. Until we get it exactly right.

Design is moments. Of real connection between companies and customers, technology and users. We have a responsibility to: Put people first. Empower clients to care about audiences. Treat their business like it’s our own. Fuel world-changing ideas at scale.

Design is how we win.

RocketAir is a design and strategy company that specializes in brand, product, and motion. Our global team is dedicated to bringing heart and humanity to digital experiences.